Cumming Full Circle; or the “Jack White Jack Off” Circle Jerk

This is simple post; a to-the-point and brief film review.

Years ago, an ex of mine rented the film It Might Get Loud from one of my family’s video stores. I cannot say that I am a die hard Jimmy Page fan, or much at all a fan of The Edge, but I will admit to listening to a decent amount of The White Stripes over the years. That said, my true devotion lies with Meg White, who is not in this film.


This is how I would best describe the film (which barely kept my attention. That should say a lot, as I love me some slow, experimental films with very long shots):

Jack White, Jimmy Page, and The Edge get together and masturbate, each staring at themselves in a full body mirror for 98 minutes. 

The End. 

That’s it. That’s all you need to know. See you next time for something more substantial and serious.