Now is strange.

I have finally left blogger, and so far it feels fine. My only complaint is that I do not enjoy the free template options on WordPress, but with change comes discomfort. Google sucks, and the templates can be dealt with.

Change is the theme of the month, and tonight I am sick thinking about the future (and the past for that matter). It is looking like this year will be nothing but change. The most current discomfort stems from me deciding I need to be single. It is ultimately good, but still, getting to that point has left me feeling like I ate shit on my bicycle; I’m still picking the metaphorical gravel from my wounds and analyzing the fall. And the rest? It isn’t even worth talking about till it happens.

There are good things though, like my child (who couldn’t be more rad); the awesome and loving group of friends I currently have; improving my running and cycling stamina/performance; and good books, as usual.

My recommendation of right now is Alex Rivera’s new short film:  “A Robot Walks Into a Bar”

(by the way, have you seen Sleep Dealer yet?!)

Till next time I will be fluctuating between being ecstatically happy and moody/contemplative (and dreaming about cyborg eyes!) So I leave you with the mixtape that accompanies my vacillating state:

(click the image ☟)



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