Bad Dreams — Fund this Graphic Novel!

Working as a barista at one of the busiest coffee shops in a string of small mountain towns I meet quiet a few interesting folks. Today I am not talking about the interesting (read crazy) folks who often sunbaths with windex or talk to themselves on The Redwood Deck. No, rather I am posting about one of the way rad lover of bagels, who also happens to be a way rad artist.

Gary Winnick is a long time customer who is currently trying to get his graphic novel Bad Dreams in print. The reason I am posting about his graphic novel is because it is currently only available as digital download. I have no review of Bad Dreams because I loathe the idea of reading comics on a computer screen, and I have antiquated technology. So I am asking you to fund Bad Dreams not only to support a local artist, but also so that folks like me will have access to this comic series. It’s a beautiful thing these days that we can fund these kinds of projects allowing artists to retain full control over their work. So let’s get this funded!

Fund this novel on Kickstarter, get cool swag:

Like Bad Dreams on Facebook:


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