Survived the summer.

Part One of this summer was great.
Part Two was sad and lonely.
The end.

The highpoint was Pika and I visiting Daniel in Yellowstone

But now it’s fall, and fabulous, like fall, also starts with an “F’. Correlation does not imply causation, I know. 
I am on my bicycle more, just got a new light from Light & Motion so that I can ride in those early morning fall hours to open the coffee shop. Tonight I’ll be testing it out on a night ride. Training to do a very small overnight ride to the Pigeon Point Hostel sometime in the near future (longer trips after that when money allows).
Films that I have watched are going to have to catch up big time in another post.
Books however were the main thing this summer. I read Ender’s Game, Speaker for the Dead, and John Dies at the End. I am currently working on Blasphemy and There are Spiders in the Book (and Xenocide when I get a copy). I recommend the Ender series to pretty much everyone. John Dies at the End and the sequel are only going to be for those who don’t mind really immature “male” humor. It’s so funny though, and did you watch the film???! 
As to Blasphemy, I love Sherman Alexie and need an entire post just for his films. I saw him with my friends at Santa Cruz Bookshop at the end of September. He is that amazing kind of individual who can make you laugh just about as hard as he can make you cry. 


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