Two different films.

To catch up on film recommendations, I’ll begin with the two I’ve seen in the theater in the last half year.

I watched No starring Gael Garcia Bernal, directed by Pablo Larraín, at The Nick. I was stoked to go see this one because of Gael Garcia Bernal and that it was filmed with 3/4 inch Sony U-matic magnetic tape. So yes. The film was low resolution which I absolutely love because it actually looks like you are watching something something from television in 1988. I hear this was upsetting for some, I guess in the days of HD-Blu Ray, blah, blah, blah everything has to be crystal clear and flawless for some. However, I have still-frame memories of 1988, being two and all, but I know television was not the same beast as it is these days. That’s the point, right? Being transported to a different time and place. Then again, if you don’t like independent films, subtitles there are always Michael Bay films.

The film is based on the unpublished play by Antonio Skármeta, and is on the No campaign against Pinochet. It is from the point of view of René Saavedra, Bernal, one of Chile’s top television advertising executives. The film is not historically accurate, and one should not assume that the No campaign was entirely won by the television plugs. Film has it’s limits, which is one reason it’s always wise to continue reading non-fiction books. What I did find interesting was the film’s look at television as a medium for political campaigning, and the shift towards more comercial marketing tactics in political television ads.

Then there was the Evil Dead. Remake, reboot, sequel, whatever you call it…it was great. It was bloody, disgusting, and scary. Instead of me blabbing about the original v. the new one, just listen to what Sam Raimi has to say on it. It was scarier than the original and yet there were still plenty of references to the other Evil Dead films.

Both films I definitely recommend, as different as they are. What I would strongly recommend against is going to the theater to talk about the film, chew loudly (in a quiet film), and/or have a conversation at normal volume. Please! Please! I beg you! Why waste your money, why waste mine? The couple who had the conversation during Evil Dead, one of the people involved wasn’t facing the screen a good portion of the movie. Why? I have no idea. But I’m not thrilled.


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