Fragments from the last six months

Oh no! The longer I put off doing another post, the more overwhelming the next post seems. The “list” of items to put on this blog keeps stacking up, and so I will have to start this post with more recent and/or more important things, going back to others in following posts.

That said, my excuse for not updating is that I have been out and about doing things. In my capacity as a video store clerk I am failing miserably; I have watched so few films in the last 5-6 months I can hardly make any current recommendations.

In January I saw Esmko at the Independent in San Francisco, and was thoroughly surprised. Not surprised because I had low expectations, but due to the fact that I had no idea what to expect. I’d never been to a live performance of any electronic music and had only heard one of his songs prior to the show. Dude was amazing, and when he comes around again I am certain to go back. Also, the venue was small, not packed, and not packed full of cellphone-zombies.

Geocaching has become a major past time on the occasional day off. Pika (my kid) gets pretty into finding the caches, and has actually been the first to find a few. We’ve been doing a lot of hiking in general, and for having such short legs, Pika is getting good at walking most of the trails himself. One of our trips was camping in Pinnacles earlier in April, where he did the Bear Gulch Cave trail, plus some meandering up around the reservoir all on his own.

Pika crying over a pine cone near a decapitated Angel at Evergreen Cemetery.
Ring-necked Snake we saw at Pinnacles National Park
Last two items for now are that I got a bicycle! No, not the Surly Cross-Check; I still drool over, that one was out of my price range for now. I got last year’s Bianchi Volpe. I love it. I have not been on a decent bike ride since being pregnant with Pika so I am still getting my legs back, but it feels so damn good! Hopefully by this summer I’ll have some Panniers so I can drag all my work stuff from Boulder Creek to Portola (and therefore ride more days of the week).

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