Sound waves and Cyborgs.

The fun for the end of October was Yasiin Bey (fkn Mos Def) at the Regency Ballroom and then the Bosnian Rainbows at The New Parish! Yasiin Bey was legendary as usual and played a lot of songs off of The Ecstatic. I could cared less about the Regency in terms of venues, but whatever. Bosnian Rainbows are brand new and was more or less advertised as The Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group, it is a Rodriguez Lopez Production, but is brand new and wholly consists of Terri Gender Bender, Deantoni Parks, Nicci Kasper, and Omar Rodriguez Lopez. They were unadorned perfection; I seriously have not seen a show that great in a long time. As I understand it they played the album they will be releasing early next year. Here’s an article and pictures from the performance we were at, and a recording of one of my favorite songs from the night performed at another venue. I eagerly await the release of the album and another chance to see them live, but till then here is something else to take a listen to: click here.

Sadly my budget allows for few shows, so that will be it for a while. I have one thing in general to say about shows before I switch topics: does everyone and their monkey’s uncle have to have their phone recording the entire show? Really? This has significantly, negatively effected the shows I’ve seen in the past year or so…maybe it’s worse for me because I am only 5’4″. Can we live in the moment for a few hours? Can we rest assured that someone else with equipment far better than our phones will photograph and record the show?

I think the worst experience I had was two summers ago seeing QOTSA with my mom at the Catalyst, most of the concert goers were excessively drunk or high. The dude behind us was no exception, but what really made it bad was that he used our heads to stable his phone so he could film the show. No foolin’. He somehow thought we wouldn’t mind his elbow and a good portion of his weight pressed into the tops of our heads, and when words would not work, a few swift elbows to his gut did. So, you will not see any of my own photos of shows on this blog (unless perhaps a I suddenly switch careers and get hooked up with state of the art cameras and backstage passes…highly unlikely).

Then there was Halloween which I first spent working and then spent as a spectator to the Downtown madness with my lover and some friends. It was a bummer to not be able to take my kid trick-or-treating — oh well, next year. Kid or not My costume was cheap, and shows how much I have been geeking-out on/developing a major obsession over cyborgs.

Cyborg Nicolette

More on films and Books next post.


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