Today is Always Someday

It is clear that I have taken a sizably long break from this blog, but I am glad to say that some of it was actually due to vacation, and not all work. Mind you I worked overtime before and after to take said vacation, but that is the life of anyone who does not have a job with sick days/vacation time/other benefits (most of us really).

I traveled through Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada (less focus on Nevada) with my lover. I survived two days on the greyhound and went on my first backpacking trips, which I am totally hooked on (the backpacking, not the greyhound). It’s over now, and I am back to work with more work to do than ever before. That said, in the next few months expect less posts on film. I have absolutely nothing to praise or dis, because I haven’t watched anything at all.

Heading up to Garnet Meadows in the Tetons 🙂

I have read books this summer, mostly science fiction: The Windup Girl, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, and Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. Yup, loves me some science fiction!
Bottom line is you must, must, must read The Wind Up Girl!!! Do it, you will not be disappointed. I am taking a break from science fiction for the next few books and going with Chinese Medicine and History/Theory, but when I go back to fiction I will be reading Bacigalupi’s lastest book (geared towards a younger audience) Ship Breaker. And then Hakuri Murakami is a fuckin’ trip, great read. As for Philip K. Dick, I really will have to read some of his other books. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, but maybe I am sometimes too low brow…or rather, despite my tendency to act as if I am older than I am, I truly show my age when it comes to Dick’s discussion of Androids. Likely I just disagree entirely. Cyborgs and Androids are a whole ‘nother post.

September is over, so are my travels (for now), and I am another year older. The first part of October has proven to be hot as hell, and I appreciate that whenever I am not stuck in the car. There is a lot to look forward to, and I am having trouble keeping my mouth shut about it, but I will.


One thought on “Today is Always Someday

  1. First of all, I forgot that you mentioned at some point in the past that you had a blog. It's almost like I dreamed you telling me this. That said, love it! Please watch lost of movies and read lots of books and tell us all about it, because, I LOVE THAT SHIT AND WILL READ YOUR BLOG. I even thought about creating a blog in which the format for the posts resembled a grade school book report, so that way, I could keep track of what I had read, as well as my response to it. Thanks for posting and do it more! Anna

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