LOG (my three year old titled the post)

My main thing right now is that only one of three of the video stores has the film Meatballs. I am in the process of correcting this travesty, but till then I’m having to choose other summer movies to recommend.

Last month I saw Prometheus at the midnight showing, and it was definitely worth watching in the theater. No, I did not watch it in 3-D because I am opposed to wearing glasses that will not in the least fit my head or face, and which will also give me a headache, but other than that I heard it was meant to be seen in 3-D. If you haven’t seen it don’t click the spoiler button.

I really liked the pace of this movie, but was, after some consideration, slightly disappointed. I expected more suspense and fear, this wasn’t Alien or Aliens though, and was not necessarily a prequel either. The focus is more on the quest to meet our Creator, which Noomi Rapace’s character, Elizabeth Shaw, and Peter Weyland, owner of the Weyland corporation, have different motives for meeting. The whole topic of creators, whether from space or not, is not something I care particularly a lot about, so it was hard to relate. Most the dialogue about creators was therefore less than exiciting for me.

The movie does imply that we were created from these creatures (seemingly intentionally) and clues were left behind inviting us to find them again. As one might guess from the other movies, it is not a warm welcome. That par was of course entirely wicked. However it was less than clear as to how these “creator” creatures are tied in with the ever classic “Alien” creature, which is present, but in slightly different form than in the Alien movies. Things seem to match up, and then they seem not to. Same general scene as in Alien (slightly different pods, same ship, same abandoned feeling), and the Creator creature seems to be the same as was seen in that “seat” of the ship they found in Alien with it’s chest burst open…however in Prometheus you see something entirely different play out. Reading interviews of Ridley Scott answered few of my questions, so I will not be sure till I have re-watched Alien and then re-watched Prometheus (yes, expect another post about this.)

The item about creator that does intrigue me was this movie’s cyborg David. There is a moment in the film where he questions the desire to meet their maker and possible disappointment. He obviously already knows the species that made him and exceeds them on many levels. It was far too brief, I really wish that had been focused on more. Then again, I have a thing for cyborgs.

The end is left wide open, obviously leaving room to do another film. Is this a good or bad thing, I really don’t know.

In June I had finally started watching Archer, which is just like Sealab 2021…almost (RIP Harry Goz.) I live under a rock, both my brother and my lover have already watched pretty much all of it, but they are forgiving and have not disowned me. Yes, watch Archer, and if you haven’t already, watch Sealab as well.

The documentary to watch is Reel Injun: On the Trail of the Hollywood Indian, we just got it in the stores last month. It was great, just watch it.

Having kids makes me a pathetic film lover; I have little time to watch movies. And it’s summer right now, so I’d rather be sitting in the sun eating a salad, on a run/hike, or any other number of things than sitting in front of a screen. So that’s it for this post.

I will leave you with this wonderful gem which has yet to be released!:

 Gotta love Hollywood… :/

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