Is it time for bed yet?

Oh, once again I’ve neglected a month. There were colds, work, various passions, and, currently, moving going on. But now that I am mostly done with the move and enjoying sleeping on an actual mattress instead of a couch, I am posting once again.

While sick I watched all of season one of Game of Thrones, which, I wish I hadn’t only because now I have to sit around and wait for season two. It’s pretty good for fantasy, you should watch it. While I wait for season two I’m gonna occupy myself by listening to the audio book.

Also while sick I started eXistenZ…wow, I don’t know whether or not to highly recommend or discourage that one watch it with a fever, cos it could be viewed as an enhancement of the film. I was seriously questioning my own reality. Ah yes, and I almost forgot! — the other Cronenberg film I didn’t get through, this time because it was kinda boring and I was also tired: A Dangerous Method. I didn’t like Kiera Knightly’s accent, and then mid-movie into I also realized that I really could care less about Jung or Freud. Really!

I have been to the theater since I last posted, and viewed The Hunger Games. It was good, not great, but definitely entertaining. I did feel that, having not read the books, there was much I was not clued into. And, really, that’s all I have to say there.

Other than that I have only previewed new films while at work. I don’t recommend The Muppet Movie, I couldn’t even stand listening to five minutes of it. It was bad (Jim Henson must be rolling in his grave). Witches of Oz was something I previewed because Christopher Lloyd was in it and I figured it might be a decent one for the kids to watch…I doubt it was entirely horrible, but I could not stand what I heard of the female characters. That and it didn’t seem to be a particularly memorable film. I will not be suggesting it to my children. Eh, and I’ve watched a dozen documentaries which were all ranging from very enlightening to somewhat informative, but maybe I’ll save the details for another post.

Really, as always it’s been lots of working. But this is what I daydream about: click me.

April’s Film Picks
Amores Perros
The Science of Sleep
Sleep Dealer
May’s Film Picks
Triplets of Belleville
Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
The Bicycle Thief
Beijing Bicycle


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