A Well Organized Pantry

Looks like I totally neglected February — Oh well! I’ve been a little occupied to say the least.

That said, I haven’t watched too many movies. I’ve been reading when I can, working my way through Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee and just starting The Windup Girl. That, and still getting through season 3 of True Blood. Been doing a little running and more stretching/yoga when I can, and, sadly, no derby or sk8ing at all.

Of the films I have really watched, the noteworthy ones are Drive and Sex and Fury.  Recently I’ve been re-watching some South Park with my love, and stumbling upon some episodes that I had missed out on (poor Butters!). Y’all are probably sick of hearing about The Mighty Boosh, so I’ll leave that be other than to say that I’ve still been re-watching all three seasons. 

And holy hell people, we are almost there!!! The Room is two weekends away from playing at Midnight Movie in Santa Cruz! In case you don’t know, The Room is the worst movie you’ll ever watch…and I highly recommend it. So mark your calendars for March 16th or 17th, bring a football and some plastic spoons…and hey, just have a good time!

(Oh yeah, Big Lebowski is this weekend).

February’s Film Picks:
Tokyo Zombie
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Coffee and Cigarettes
March’s Film Picks:
Bubba Ho-tep
Sasquatch Gang
House (Nobuhiko Ohbayashi)


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