I ♥ Mugen…and other things!

Since last post I’ve gotten as far as I could in the Samurai Champloo series, which is disc 5. All three of the video stores have either had most of the series stolen or damaged, but it’s cool, I’ve reordered that entire series and all of Cowboy Bebop Remix for each store. Just gotta wait for the distributor to decide they have enough orders to ship them out, or some business like that. (btw, patience seems to be the word of the month) 

I have also started watching True Blood, and mainly because I loved Six Feet Under. At the beginning of January I watched episode one and was highly annoyed…didn’t even continue on to episode two, just tossed it back on the shelves. However the lovely J-9, who has been back in town for the last month+, told me I just gotta stick it out. So I did, and now I’m hooked. Yes, it’s more or less soft core porn, but I’m feeling that same kind of draw that I did with Six Feet Under — maybe it is Alan Ball? It does however make me wish there were some decent film interpretation of the Anne Rice vampire series.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark was highly enjoyable, and generally I’m not one to like much that comes out of the Horror genre. The creatures were rad, and even though, as my co-worker pointed out, there were some definite flaws in the story, I was entertained. and in the moment it didn’t bother me enough to matter. No, it’s not going in the top ten or twenty…but yes, I would recommend it. 

The J-9, another friend of ours, and I sat down to watch something I had stumbled across re-alphabetizing the shelves at the store: The Apple. We did not finish that one. And the quick run down goes like this: failed attempt at making something of a futuristic cross between Rocky Horror Picture Show, Tommy, and maybe Grease. Lots and lots of biblical references…lots. Great fucking costumes though.

Oh, and Thursday night brings me to two wonderful things in Santa Cruz! Way Body Arts, which often has $30 Thursdays, and the $5 movies at 9pm at the Cinema 9 put on by Atlantis Fantasy World.
I got my septum pierced this week, and am so stoked on this piercing. First of all Mateo did a wonderful job, and everyone at Way Body Arts was professional and friendly, the shop has a great selection of jewelry…I’m not going anywhere else from now on. I used to go to True Art, but had a bad experience with my lip piercing last time (come to think of it never had a great experience there). As to the movie, I generally loathe the Cinema 9, and for anything else will always recommend the Del Mar and The Nickelodeon, but lately Thursday night has been one of two nights I have off, you can’t beat older films for $5 (and I love Atlantis Fantasy World.) This week was Ten Things I Hate About You, which is of course a classic. Next week is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!

Other than that I’ve been working like a dog as usual, hanging out with my wonderful kids, and enjoying having myself back. Life is good.


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