So, I had been excited about Zappa Plays Zappa coming to the Rio in a few months, but Dweezil played in Israel. So fuck that shit! I’ll just have to find another concert to get excited about.

Moving on, it’s now 2012…which I suppose doesn’t mean much, except that I am generally excited about the future. We’ll just say that I got rid of a lot of dead weight in 2011, so there are more possibilities in all areas of life.

‘Nough said there, it’s time for film.

The last month was mostly spent obsessing over The Mighty Boosh, and much of 2012 will follow suit.Yet somehow I am failing to promote this amazing show enough, at least among those I actually hang out with. (Psst! I recommend The Mighty Boosh radio show as well!)

I’ve been looking for a particular Zatoichi flick, which I cannot remember the title of, only the awesome introductory scene…so I’ll just slowly have to re-watch them all. (Not a bad thing).

Fright Night was campy, but definitely entertaining. The Gruffalo is a newer computer animated kids film that I will actually recommend. Romeo Must Die I watched because of Aaliyah, but always enjoy Jet Li. Watch it if you haven’t. Actually made it to the theater, saw the american version of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo; not really sure why this one had to happen, other than that americans are too lazy to read subtitles (Swedish version wins). And then there was Young Adult which made me laugh in the theater, but when it all was over and I sat on it a while, it wasn’t so funny anymore. Then my friend recommended Kicking and Screaming because of the excessive coffee drinking, this one was funny, but I hate to see an espresso machine smashed. Started watching Afro Samurai, only one episode in, but it fucking rocks. 

And sadly there are countless movies I’ve fallen asleep to this month. Oh! But the good news is that last Friday I found my glasses!!! That means that I can watch subtitled films all the way through now, and go back to reading more books.

January is bound to be good, got new projects coming up…new friends, old ones back in town; it means more partners in crime.

January’s Film Picks
Eraser Head
Romeo Must Die
A Dirty Shame

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