Well people, the month of December means no employee picks. That section is overrun with holiday films. If I’ve got to recommend at least one of those it’d be Christmas on Mars, which we have thanks to the Flaming Lips and their friends. I’ll just say that the set is awesome.

Here’s something I’ll try out, and I think I’ll call it Vapid Film Reviews:
Super 8 was actually entertaining.
Season one of Adventure Time was pretty fucking funny. Many are likening it to Ren and Stimpy (although I will note that it is not near as vile…vile being part of Ren and Stimpy’s charm).
I did not finish watching Mammoth even though it has Gael Garcia Bernal, just wasn’t in the right mood for this one…and it’s nothing that anyone needs to watch.
In Less than 30 Minutes wasn’t nearly as funny as I hoped, again, even though it has Nick Swardson. (Instead I’d recommend Horrible Bosses — Charlie Day!)

Moving on. If I’ve watched much of anything else lately I’m not remembering it now. I will be watching Season 2 and 3 of The Mighty Boosh, because we finally got it in the stores. That’s life right now, films and espresso…as usual. Even though it’s freezing cold out, I’ve really been missing my bike lately. I finally have a reliable car, which is helpful for work and kids…but, I miss my bike. The poor thing got so neglected due to all that pregnancy and surgery stuff, and now that that’s not an issue it’s just another item on that long list of things I don’t have time, money and/or know how to get done right now. Some day I’ll have a day off to fix my bike and hopefully will magically be able to decipher that Complete Bike Maintenance book.


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