Storytellers lie and other rules-to-live-by.

“Storytellers lie was right up there at the top of Johnnyboy’s rules-to-live-by list with Ignore heroes and Never make decisions based on fear.”
-Kief Hillsbery, War Boy

According to Amazon both editions of War Boy are out of print, which makes me glad I still have my copy. Lately I’ve been on a Sleater-Kinney kick, who are quoted several times in War Boy and are one of the bands Radboy experiences live in SF. If you can find the book used, it is a must read.

The movie to watch is Exit Through the Gift Shop, which is now free on Hulu. I wont spoil the fun, just watch it.

Other than that, it’s been colds for the whole family, and extra work. My sewing projects are lying cut and pressed, waiting for me to have the time to sew them together.


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